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Katie Musgrave


The Gardeners Arms
39 Plantation Road


Katie has a deep level of empathy and analytical skill that enables her to identify areas for students where they are perhaps not so confident. By working systematically and incrementally, Katie is able to turn perceived weaknesses into areas of strength. 
Christopher Bosten, Seminar for Advanced English Studies,
St Hilda's College, Oxford

“Katie's positivity and enthusiasm are strongly motivating. She recognises potential and supports personal strengths. Katie showed me that language is the art of sharpness and precision. 
Lucas Angermann, A-Level Student

“Katie opens her heart to everyone who wants to learn with her. 'There are no stupid questions' is one of Katie's sentences you will remember. Students can ask her everything.”
Carolin Leinemann, A-Level Student

“Katie has improved my English to a higher standard and does it in a fun and enjoyable way. She helped me in my 11+ exam and it definitely helped.”
Rebecca Im, Junior Student (Scholarship)